Where does haddock with creamy rice come from ?

DSC_0037The  anglophone readers of my blog certainly know the answer to that question, but I will still keep it for the end of this post to make sure you read all the recipe to make sure you actually test the recipe because it comes from a place that suffers of very bad reputation for food event though this dish is really delicious).

That being said, this recipe is also a very good opportunity to use rice leftovers !

I take from my fridge and my cupboard  for two:

150g of cooked white rice
1 small onion
20g butter
2 tablespoons of curry powder
a few leaves of fresh parsley
20 cl liquid cream
200g smoked haddock
3 slices lemon
1 laurel leaf
30 cl milk

To discover the origins of this dish you can read the rest, unless you have already guessed by the list of ingredients :

I boil the eggs for 10 minutes, peel them and cut them in half.

In a pan, I pourthe mil, add the lemon, the laurel and the haddock. I stew it on mild heat for 10 minutes. I retrieve it from the pan and cut it into big chinks. I spare it on the side.

The milk is used to sofetn the haddock, which is too dry when warmed directly in a pan. I often spare parts of a filet after I have stewed it in the lil and put in the freezer to reuse directly for another dish.

Then I chopp the onion finely. I wash and chop  the parsly. I put the butter to melt in another pan and fry the onion gently. I add the curry and cook the onion until it is soft. I pour the rice and continue to cook it for 5 minutes. Then I add the cream and the parsley and cook another 5 minutes. Finally, I add the haddock and the eggs on top of the rice and serve immediately !

So, you still haven’t guessed where this dissh is from ?

In fact, its a british dish, yes, like Great Britain, the country that suffers from not-so-well-deserved bad reputation regarding food. Now you can admit that if I had told you that from thestrat, you would not have given glance to this recipe. Am I wrong ?

Anyway, it’s an English dish, but English from the former colonies since it has been imported from India and mixes typically british products (the haddock) and indian curry. The English call this dish a Kedgeree, in reference to the indian dish it is inspired from. And at the time it was made fro breakfast (and that is where I start to disagree with the English !)



Homemade burgers are so much better

DSC_0047-1Those who know me in real life now that I have a potential to go wild for a lunch at MacDonalds. I always take the same menu : BicMac, Potatoes and Coke – with nuggets the most desperate days. As regular as clockwork !

But in my fact, I secretly dream that a food truck will open next to my office because what I really, really like, is a true american burger. So big you don’t know how to handle it ! With a good homemade secret sauce, and fresh french fries made of real potatoes.

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Homemade ketchup

DSC_0062What ? You want to do your own ketchup ? Homemade ? But it’s exactly because the Heinz Ketchup has the taste it has that we buy it.

Here, I have to admit that I’m doing this recipe just for the pleasure of trying : I don’t have too high expectations on the final result…

Especially since I read on the internet that Heinz is actually growing a type of tomato developed to be used in their ketchup. EXCLUSIVELY.

Now that I know that, all my dreams of threatening from my small kitchen ta major international food company business are fadingaway. Too bad.

So I took from my fridge and my cupboard what I could reasonably find there, which is : 

DSC_0047A box of cherry tomatoes
1 small red onion
1 tablespoon oil
1 tablespoon vider vinegar
1 tablespoon brown sugar
1 tablespoon tomato puree
1 tablespoon Worcestershire sauce
1 tablespoon paprika
1 tablespoon 5 spoces
1 tablespoon water (optional)
Salt and pepper

I washed and chopped the tomatos  in 4 and chopped the onion finely. I fried them in the oil then added all the other ingredients and left them to stew for one hour on mild heat. Use the water to dilute the sauce if the onions are still too hard. The juice of the tomatos must have disappeared and the onions must be soft. I mixed it all very finely and let it to cool in the pan. I poured it in a jam jar to keep it for 24h in the fridge before use.

The taste has in the end not much to do with the Heinz Ketchup of course but it is a very nice sauce, very perfumed and reasonably sweet : I can’t wait to to test it with some good french fries !

How do you think you could threaten a major international food company from your kitchen ?



Mini chocolate brownies : my extra-soft recipe

DSC_0027Mini-brownies beat it all to bring back a smile on a child’s face, for a quick snack in the afternoon, or just for pleasure without guilt. I must say that the quantity of flour compared to that of sugar, butter and chocolate is minute.

Which is the reason why this recipe is at its best when cooked as mini ultra soft, ultra chocolaty portion. One is enough to cure all !!

The recipe is one of my own. Continue reading

How I saved my seafood choucroute from disaster

This week-end, I nearly failed the most easy dishe on earth : a seafood choucroute. So easy you just need to buy a ready-cooked choucroute, add different kinds of fish, steamed potatoes and serve with a beurre blanc sauce. Easy, I said !

I had prepared all the ingrédients, salon marinade in garnis, fresh ginger and lemon for the fish, scallops and gambas for a taste of luxury, nice little potasses, and a good kilo of choucroute bought at the delicatessen. And then…

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