Mini chocolate brownies : my extra-soft recipe

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DSC_0027Mini-brownies beat it all to bring back a smile on a child’s face, for a quick snack in the afternoon, or just for pleasure without guilt. I must say that the quantity of flour compared to that of sugar, butter and chocolate is minute.

Which is the reason why this recipe is at its best when cooked as mini ultra soft, ultra chocolaty portion. One is enough to cure all !!

The recipe is one of my own. In the past, I have experienced dozens and dozens of recipes with different proportions of sugar, butter, flour anc chocolate to find the perfect ones to have a extra-soft brownie with a crackling top. And the only twist I can accept now is to add a bit more chocolate, if you’re really desperate greedy.

For a dozen mini-brwonies, I take from my fridge and my cupboard  : 

100g flour (self-raising flour is even better)
75g chocolaté (at 70 % for an extra strong taste)
75g butter
250g brown sugar
2 eggs
half a teaspoon baking powder (unless you use self-raising flour)

To make a success of these mini-brownies : 

I melt the butter and the chocolate at low heat in a pan whilst I whisk the eggs and sugar until they are creamy. Once the chocolate has totally melted, I add it to the creamy mixture and pour in the flour and baking powder. I continue to whisk until the dough is smoothed.

I pour the dough in a silicon mould for mini muffins and bake in the oven for 20 minutes at 190°C.

DSC_0021The dough has a good potential for swelling when baked. The mould should only be filled up to two thirds to avoid it from spilling out, like on the picture here !

At the end of the baking, the cakes are topped with a slight crust and still extremely mellow. This is normal since they will harden when cooling. Wait another 15 minutes before you take them out of the mould to avoid breaking the cakes.

So what do you think of these brownies ?



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